Monday, May 5, 2014

Surgery Scheduled For Spike

Great news! 
Even though we haven't met the entire goal, we have been able to schedule Spike's surgery
It feels like a huge weight has been lifted and we can breath a bit easier. While all surgeries, human and pet come with risks, and while we are nervous about anesthesia we're also very excited that our Spike is going to get the care he needs and will be feeling so much better very soon. 
We can't thank you all enough. Everyone who has sent well wishes, donated to his surgery fund,tweeted, posting toFacebook, sharing on google + and with their friends. We appreciate all of it from the bottom of our hearts. Spike is more than a pet. He's a member of our family, and we're so blessed to have so many wonderful people wanting to help him. 

We are going to continue to try to raise the entire $500, if you can please continue to share his story on social media, with your friends, and family it's greatly appreciated. 

If you or someone you know would like to make a donation to Spike's surgery fund they can do so HERE

or through the widget below

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