Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spike Needs Surgery

Spike came to us almost ten years ago after several years of treatments for infertility. It was a particularly hard, and depressing time for my husband and I, as we so desperately wanted a child. Of course the long MN winter did nothing to help my mood, and one day I exclaimed that if couldn't have a baby, I should at least be able to have a dog! The advice I was given was to find a place to live that would accept a pet and get one! That's what we did. My Mom knew how badly we wanted a Yorkie and while searching the papers, found a lady who had a litter of Yorkie-Poo puppies. She said "Lets just go and look, you don't have to get one!" Ok, so how do you walk into a place with eight precious little puppies and not want to leave with one? 

My Husband and I sat down on the floor and rite away this tiny little bundle of fur came clumsily running towards us. He crawled into my lap, I picked him up, and he licked my face. Then he put his head down on my chest. I was in love. I put him down, and we played with his siblings for awhile, and each time he was put down , he would come running back. We knew he was the one, and he went home with us. 

Spike at 7 weeks

I always thought it would be fun to have small dog with a big dogs name, so that's where Spike came in. However in the process of naming him a few other great one were tossed out there and considered. Marley, for my love of Bob Marley, and Theodore, because he looked like a tiny little Teddy Bear. We just couldn't decide, so we went with them all and that's how He got his name.... Spike Marley Theodore. Over the years he's acquired many nicknames, and will answer to all of them ... including... Bubba, Old Man (because he's the oldest of the dogs) and , Geezy ( like Old Geezer or Weezy, we like all music in this house). 

Spike came at a time when I was in a very low, and difficult point in my life. To say the power of pets healing or helping to heal people isn't a real thing would be ridiculous. Of course I still longed for a child, but my heart was melted by this furry little creature. He snuggled with me on tought days. If I was crying he would come running and force his way under the blankets to cuddle with me. He was there to watch movies with me, and would tilt his head back and forth like he was really understanding all the things we said to him. He helped us heal, and we are forever grateful. 

Now, Spike needs extensive and very expensive dental work. He's been having problems with his eye sight, and it seems to change often leading us to believe it could have something to do with the infection from his teeth. Ever since he was a pup, he's had issues with bad breath, so we made sure to stay on top of brushing his teeth, but just like humans, some dogs.. just have bad teeth. He was seen last week for updated shots, and an exam. We were told he will need oral surgery, x-rays, cleaning, etc. He has exposed roots, and they know he is in pain. Since we have been with our vet for MANY years, and they know us we can make an arrangement with them , but need at least half down to get the procedure done and then must make arrangements to have the rest paid off in a timely manner. They are estimating the total cost to be around $500. 

Spike waiting for Dad to come out of the store.

Needless to say when my husband and I left we were feeling very defeated, and weren't sure what to do to raise the money needed for Spike's surgery. We knew we had to do something. If Spike were a human baby, we would move heaven and earth to make sure he or she had the care they needed. So when a friend and I were talking about perhaps doing a fundraiser it seemed like an awesome idea. 
Please, if you can help our Spike Marley Theodore in any way at all, we would greatly appreciate it. No amount is too small. If you can't donate, please help us spread the word by tweeting, posting to facebook, g+, sharing with your friends. The sooner we can get Spike this surgery the better. Any warm wishes, prayers, love, light, and positive thoughts and messages are welcome as well. 
Thank you! 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away......

It's been cold and rainy for days.
The weather forecast shows several days of the same in store for us.
 It's been extremely windy as well. 
Now, don't get me wrong. I don't hate the rain. 
Actually, I love it, but not for a week straight. 
It starts to make me tired, gloomy , achy, and with this much the basement gets wet. 
 Upside though, naps, cuddling with the furry kids, and my grass that was a not so attractive shade of who knows what from winter is now a gorgeous, vibrant green. Rainy days are also perfect for crocheting! 

Rain rain go away

Do you and your family have any fin rainy day traditions or craft ideas? 
How do you feel when it's rainy and gloomy for a week at a time? 
Leave me a comment and let me know! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Wisdom ~ Good Deeds

To be doing good deeds is man's most glorious task. 

I'm a believer in Karma. 
What goes around comes around.
 If you put good into the world, good things will come back to you.
 Do good for others, others will do good for you. 

This week I've been on both sides of the good deed teeter totter. 

One day last week while looking at my Etsy shop, and my activity feed. I came across a seller that makes polymer clay creations. All of them are gorgeous , but the ones that really caught my eye were the crochet hooks with beautiful polymer clay handles. 
The name of the shop is  DesignedbyChristiU , and she sells everything from tutorials to ice cream scoops and much more! 

Looking through all the beautiful crochet hooks, one really caught my eye. I liked it, and posted to my facebook page that I wanted it very badly. My intent wasn't for someone to purchase it for me, but to share it with my friends, a few of whom also crochet, and to save it for future reference. Imagine my surprise when several days later a package arrived in the mail, and upon opening it I found the beautiful crochet hook I had been swooning over. No note from the person who sent it, although I had an idea who it may have been.

 It came into the house at the perfect time. My husband and I had done what we thought was a good deed for someone else. We didn't have to do it. We saw the need, we had a solution, and we knew it was the rite thing to do. However, instead of being easy and clear cut we were being questioned about what we had done. Not by the person we had done it for ( they were VERY appreciative) , but by someone close to them who should have also been happy about what had happened.  I was upset, and questioning why we bother to help others when sometimes it's not appreciated, questioned, or others feel the need to belittle. Then the package came into the house and the answer was rite there. 

Not because we have to, but because what goes around comes around. 
Put good things out, get good things back. 
We did good, and something good came back. 

Just like we helped someone, the person who sent this to me did it not because they had to send it to me, they certainly didn't have to spend their hard earned money on a gift for someone they barely know. They did it because it felt rite in the moment, because they knew I was having a hard time lately and knew it would cheer me up. A pure and sincere gift. A good deed from the heart. Not looking for anything in return other than my happiness. 
To put a smile on my face, and happiness in my heart. 

That's why my husband and I do good deed for other as well. We've decided no matter what someone else may think, no matter what criticism may come from it, we  will continue to do good things for others as our hearts move us to do so. 

The following is a picture I found online that night, and it really sums up how we feel about good deeds. 

Have you done a good deed for someone lately? Has someone surprised you with a good deed? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

The PERFECT Spring & Summer Beanie

Are you looking for the perfect summer beanie? 

Want something cool, fun, and stylish?

Look no further.
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Here is just one of the beanies we have to offer in the Powers Of Love shop on Etsy, or in our Powers Of Love Storenvy shop
Feel free to browse the shops, and see if you can find your perfect summer accessory. 

As always, if you are interested in a web beanie in a certain color, please feel free to contact me through my shop or my Powers Of Love Facebook page and we can talk about a custom order. 

(Clicking pics will take you to Etsy Listing

Summer Web Beret/Beanie/Tam/Slouch Hat , Variegated Reds, Open, Cool

Monday, April 14, 2014

Madison Street Beauty News & Coupon Code

Hello Lovies... I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday! 

As many of you know I'm an affiliate for Madison Street Beauty  which sells 100% Natural Mineral and Vegan Friendly cosmetics, Non Toxic Nail Lacquer, Natural Lip Balms, and much, much more. 

Today I'd like to share some exciting news, a contest and an awesome coupon code! 

MSB has started a wonderful Monthly Subscription Service! 
You get five LARGE eye shadow colors and one LIMITED EDITION color only available in the subscription box that will be sent directly to your door each month.  

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Photo: Announcing the new Madison Street Beauty monthly subscription service! Get five large eye shadow colors and one limited edition color only available in our subscription services sent directly to your door each month! https://www.etsy.com/listing/178919007/subscription-service-monthly-eye-shadow

Next MSB is hosting a HUGE giveaway on their Facebook Page  . 
Head on over and check it out. Enter for your chance to win over $300 in beauty products. 
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I would also like to share with you my AWESOME MSB Affiliate Coupon Code. 
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There are all sorts of new colors available for 2014 so make sure to check it out. I know there's several I can't wait to get my hands on.
 Especially some of the beautiful new Non Toxic Nail Lacquers

If anyone is interested in becoming an affiliate for MSB feel free to comment and let me know.
 I will be more than happy to help you get signed up, which is free, and easy!  

Friday, April 4, 2014

Have You Heard Of Bulu Box?

Have you heard of Bulu Box?

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