Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Weekend SALE SALE SALE

******HOLIDAY SALE! 20% OFF your purchase with coupon code MEMDAY12 at checkout from 5-25-12 through 5-29-12! Great time to pick up gifts, or that little something extra for yourself! *******

Here is a bit of what I have in my shop! Much more over at

Button Bobby Pins - Pink, Yellow, Bright GreenCrochet  Peek A Boo Beanie -Shocking Pink
Button Embellished Photo Frame - 4x6 , Pearls, Horizontal or Vertical, Pink, Orange, Teal, GreenCrocheted Baby Beanie, Removable Bow, Photo Prop, Newborn

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby Beanie Bonanza

Newborn to 3 months baby beanies! It's part of what I have been up to lately. Aren't they adorable! Need to take pics and get them listed in my Etsy shop! They'd make great baby shower gifts! If your interested in purchasing one feel free to contact me. I can bill you through pay pal if you don't have an Etsy acct. !

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Inspiration & Motivation or Lack Thereof

Have you ever found yourself in a rut? Lacking inspiration for new products, or new ways to promote your items? If you answered yes, then you know exactly how I have been feeling lately. 

I love to crochet, it makes me happy, and in stressful times it helps to calm me. Making newborn beanies, and photo props make me smile. While I know beanies, newsboy hats, and some of my other items don't always sell in the warmer months I decided to make hair accessories. People seemed to like them, and at first I sold quite a few, then the sales slowed. Winter came, and again people were buying warmer hats. Now we are once again into warmer weather, and I decided to add button embellished items to my Etsy shop. I ADORE buttons. I don't know why, I just do. I even have a few buttons that I am having a hard time parting with because they are SO cool! At first I started with button magnets, and button bobby pins, then moved on to button embellished photo albums and picture frames. People seem to like them, but they aren't selling. 

Newborn Hammock Photo Prop Crocheted  - Made To OrderButton Embellished Photo Frame - 4x6 , Pearls, Horizontal or Vertical, Pink, Orange, Teal, Green Button Bobby Pins - Pink, Yellow, Bright Green

As part of the Etsy Rock Stars Team ( which I have to tell you... honestly does ROCK!)  my items are promoted twice a week, sometimes more, and I help promote my team mates items. It's really a nice way to get your items out there as each of has a somewhat different circle of followers on our different social networking sites. I love promo days, and the views I get. However I am at the point where yes views are wonderful, but if the views aren't translating to sales at all, then what's the point. I know we all go through slumps, and I am hanging in there, but honestly I am finding it hard to me motivated. 

I lack motivation to create, I just am having a hard time justifying spending the time,and money on making new items, photographing them, editing the pics, listing them, and then promoting like mad, when nothing is moving.   So many things have taken a back seat to my Etsy shop... family, household, healthy, etc. When is enough, enough. this month alone I have 30 items expiring. I have decided most will not be relisted, but will be taken to an awesome consignment shop here in town. I will make a tad less then I would on Etsy, however, there is no photo, editing, listing, promoting, etc. So to me... it's worth it. 

My motivation for my shop originally was to make money to adopt. As my journey on Etsy progressed I realized that we wouldn't make enough money to adopt a dog much less a child. However, I kept plugging away, hoping and dreaming someone would see my items and just fall in love! I have had many FABULOUS customers. Many repeat ones as well, and I love working with them. Their business is appreciated more than I will ever be able to put into words. Yet, I find myself feeling unmotivated, and lacking inspiration. 

TheCraftStar was looking like a promising idea, and I couldn't wait for it to open. The date kept getting pushed back, and people were getting restless. Finally the day came when they opened their doors, and of course there were some issues. However, we are almost a week into issues, and I still haven't set up my new shop. That site was my new hope... something new, something different than Etsy. Time will tell how things work out there, but for now I have decided to stay at Etsy, and hold off even trying to open my TheCraftStar shop. Once things have been ironed out there and things are running smoothly, perhaps I will give it a shot, but rite now, I don't feel it's the best place for me, and worry about safety. So, that bit of inspiration, and motivation has also been tossed out the window. 

How do you find your inspiration to create new items? What keeps you motivated to keep on keeping on when nothing is selling? 

Is there something else you would like to see in my Etsy Shop?