Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Booties for your Cutie Patooties

I am very excited to say that I will be adding hand crocheted baby booties to my Etsy shop. With a growing list of people around me having babies this coming summer and fall it seemed to be the logical choice. 

Tonight I added my first three pair. I have one pair of  traditional booties and 2 pair of Baby Boots which have a flat bottom and a higher top. They are all precious, and would make great shower gifts or a wonderful accessory for your little cutie patootie. Keep their tootsies warm in style. 

For more information on each pair of boot(ies) please click the picture to be taken to their page in my shop. 

Pink & Pearly Baby Boots Booties 6-12 months

Blue baby Boots 6-12 mo's

Soft Pink Baby Booties 0-3 months

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today's blog will feature the shop of a lovely seller I met on Etsy. Her name is Pippit and she owns two shops. Giftbearer, and Giftbearer Supply. 

Pippit is of f Native American descent, and has been in business for about 27 years. She uses a wide use a wide variety of jewelry techniques and has a number of distinctly different lines to accomplish a style that  would be described as Contemporary Tribal.

Pippit has  taken alot of traditional design elements from Native American and other indigenous cultures and made them relevant to today's jewelry wearer.

Her designs are usually one of a kind or limited edition. After a certain number of them are made she moves on to a new line. When talking about her work she says " I never want my work to become typecast and too predictable, so I switch up and alternate what I work on, often having several different pieces in-progress at any given time. Doing ths also prevents me from getting bored and keeps me inspired."

This necklace uses Peyote stitch (a Native American beadweaving stitch) around the bezel and Ndebele, an African stitch which originated in the Ndebele Region, for the strand;

Beadwoven Necklace w/ Vintage Volcano Swarovski Crystal Stone (Volcanic Heart Center)
Beadwoven Necklace w/ Vintage Volcano Swarovski Crystal Stone (Volcanic Heart Center)

One of her collections is inspired by her beautiful dog, whom she adopted from a local shelter.  It's a touching story and the jewelry in the Carmella collection is just as beautiful. Here is what Pippit had to say about it....
"The Carmella Collection is named in honor of my dog who was adopted from a local shelter. I soon found out she had distemper and she has had to have a new cutting-edge treatment to kill the virus. Although she's now cured completely, she has myoclonus (constant repetitive jerking) in her right front leg, and a problem with the ligament in that same leg. For several years after Carmella was treated I worked with other owners of dogs devastated by this deadly and crippling disease, helping them to obtain the same treatment for their dogs."

This pair of earrings are from that collection;

Trailing Wisteria Cluster Earrings (Carmella Collection)
Trailing Wisteria Cluster Earrings (Carmella Collection)

Another piece available in her shop is this beautiful budding vine bracelet. 

Early Budding Vine Bracelet 3-Northern Lights (Take it Home)

Early Budding Vine Bracelet 3-Northern Lights

It uses a real vine in a labor-intensive metal clay process and then stones are set for the buds.

This necklace, part of another line, symbolizes resilience and regeneration, reframing the image of the broken heart from something negative to something positive. The opening in the front reveals a dangle on the inside like an egg hatching or seed sprouting, activating new growth from within.

Sterling Casted Hollowform Broken Heart Necklace with Turquoise, Bone, Coral, and AquamarineSterling Casted Hollowform Broken Heart Necklace with Turquoise, Bone, Coral, and Aquamarine

Another one with bigger beads Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and bali sterling silver is also available in her shop.

Here is a piece that has been fabricated in sterling and fine silver with a Chrysoprase cabochon set in the center. The chain is handmade link by link, and it has a sterling bead clasp. It is the first in the series. More are to come.

Zinuki  Fine and Sterling Silver Necklace 1Zinuki Fine and Sterling Silver Necklace 1

To view these items in Giftbearers shop please click on the pictures or click the links below. 
jewelry shop:

supply shop;

I would like to say thank you to Pippit who was a huge help in making this blog post. Without her guidance I would still be staring at a screen. Please stop by and check out her shops.