Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spacefem's BiG EtSy CoNtEsT

Have you heard about Spacefem's Daily Etsy Contest? 

Lately some of Etsy Potti Team members had been posting in the team thread that they were included and of course I went to vote and check it out. 

It's a fun way to see items you may not have seen before, vote for the ones you love, and find great coupon codes to use on Etsy! 

I've been in two contests now already. Both my items won, however, even if they hadn't ..... it's still a blast, and I offer a coupon code for 20% OFF
( make sure to check the coupon section link further down in post)

Here is some more helpful info on the Daily Etsy Contest....

(click pic to go to contest site)

Spacefem's big Etsy contest pulls a few hundred items from the etsy marketplace and puts them head-to-head, two at a time, so you can pick your favorite. Items are pulled by price, with the day of the month corresponding to the item prices. A portion of the items pulled are from our submitted shops, which they check every day to see who's got listings in the daily category.

Anything can show up and you never know what will win! 

Post comments on each day's list of winners to tell us what you agree with.

What am I voting on?

Every day, we pull several hundred listings into the contest based. Most days we choose items by price based on what day of the month it is. For example on the first of the month, we vote on $1 items (between $1-$1.99). On the 2nd, the items are between $2-$2.99. On the 17th, they're between $17-$17.99. Fun! 

Up to 25% of the items are from people who've submitted their stores and want to be in the contest, the rest are from random new listings from the marketplace.

The contest contains handmade and vintage items, but not supplies.

Below is a graphic showing how the voting is set up. 
You simply click the item you like best to vote. Once you've done that, it moves you along to another set of items. 
Easy peasy! 

Here are some helpful links for you to check out. Everything previous winner, to coupons, sign up page, and voting! Don't forget to look for my Powers Of Love coupon code while your there. 20% OFF anything in the Etsy shop! 

Links to important pages & recent theme contests

Spacefem's Big Etsy Contest
Sign your shop up
Theme Thursday! Jewel items from $1-$50.
Theme Thursday! Wonder woman items from $1-$50.
Theme Thursday! Mothers day items from $1-$50.
Theme Thursday! Stripes items from $1-$50.

Go, vote, enter and have fun! 
Have you been in this contest before?
 Leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought.

 We LOVE it! 

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  1. Cool contest! I remember playing this game a long time ago and had no idea it was still going. It's a daily thing. I should see about signing up for it. =0)