Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Love For Make Up & Madison Street Beauty & NEW COUPON CODE!!!!!

Would you like to save 20% on your purchase of make up from Madison Street Beauty? I know I love to save... that way I can buy more.  Enter POWERSOFBEAUTY in the coupon code box when you check out at MSB and you will receive 20% OFF your purchase! 
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When I was a teenager  I loved to sit and watch my Aunt A. , who is nine years older than me put on her make up. She LOVED make up, and had a ton of it. I was tickled pink when she would give me a blush or shadow she was either tired of, or didn't care for. It was like winning the lotto.. the make up lotto. She always had the new lip stick, the new color blush, or mascara. Her vanity had drawers over flowing with every type cosmetic you can imagine, and it was pure AWESOMENESS. 

To this day, she and I both share that same love for cosmetics. We chat from time to time about different products. What's worked for us , and what hasn't. Things we would like to try, etc. 

One day while I was poking around on Etsy ( while I should have been listing items for sale in my own shop) I came across Madison Street Beauty. What got my interest was that their products are natural and vegan... that got me looking more into their items, and I saw several things I wanted to try. I must tell you my face is very sensitive, and has issues of it's own, so I'm pretty cautious as to what I am willing to try. 

I started out trying their Aloe Airbrush Setting Powder which is just fabulous. I like to use a setting powder, but I hate when they look cakey, or orange. I'm not a pumpkin, nor do I want all my pores, and creases highlighted. The Aloe Airbrush Setting Powder ( click photo below to be taken to it's page)  from Madison Street Beauty makes my face look fabulous. It doesn't draw attention to pores,  or lines. It's lightweight, so I don't feel like my face is caked with product, and it's affordable!

           Aloe Airbrush Setting Powder 

Setting Powder Mineral Makeup - Aloe Airbrush Setting Powder - 5g Mineral Makeup Vegan Setting Powder

Since trying the setting powder I have tried their eye shadow, blush, and concealer. I love them ALL! You can purchase a trial size of most things in the shop which is how I like to try new things. I thought at first they would be so small it would be a one time try, but each time there has been more than enough to try it several times. 

Today, I ordered six eye shadows. Three for me, and three for my own niece who loves make up just as I do, and LOVES it when I have something for her. It seems this love of make up has come full circle...My Aunt to Me, and Me to my beloved Niece.  

Madison Street Beauty is having a HUGE sale on some of their make up today to move out the old packaging. You can find their 70% OFF clearance section here. Hurry on over, and get your beautiful eye shadows while you can. So many to choose from, but such a great price you don't have to! What's your favorite color? 

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