Sunday, May 19, 2013

NEW Listing! Check them out!

Hello everyone! I finally got a few of the awesome Web Beanies listed in my Powers Of Love shop over on Etsy! Head on over, check them and let me know what you think.

I love how open they are for this time of year, and they are a blast to make! 

Here are the three I have listed so far.... more to come soon! Click the picture to be taken to the listings for more pics and information! 

Web Slouchy/ Beanie/Tam/ Beret  - Crocheted , Spring, Summer, Open, Pistachio

Pretty Pistachio

Summer Web Beret/Beanie/Tam/Slouch Hat , Variegated Reds, Open, Cool

Fun Variegated Red

Spring Web Beanie, Tam, Slouchy Hat, Sticks & Stones, Soft, Cool

Super awesome Sticks & Stones

Perfect gift for that someone special in your life, or a fun, and fashionable treat for yourself! 


  1. Awesome photos of a great new hat. I like that last one. =0)

    1. Sticks & Stones is even a fun name for the color too.