Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back To School Sale

It's a great time to get some awesome accessories from
 Stylish and fun slouchy beanies, web beanies and much more.
 Head on over and check it out! Tell your friends.
 But hurry... the sale won't last long and neither will your favorite items! 
 Happy shopping! 


  1. hey there. i had a look at the wares you're hocking on etsy, and that green hat with the white stripes? i DIG it. SO pretty. if you've still got one of those available, i'm interested (though i wouldn't be able to get it until after the first).

    you left a comment on a picky post a month or so ago, and i've been meaning to get back to you about that. i'm not good at replying to comments immediately, and i'm ashamed that i've not responded to yours sooner. you're NOT alone, though i understand how easy it is to feel that way. and EVERYONE has something to hide, some ailment, some injury that can't be seen so readily. everyone does. don't be ashamed of yours. if i've learned anything in this life it's that hiding that hurt doesn't accomplish anything. that people will either respond to it kindly or cruelly, and if it's cruelty you're given, then you know what kind of a friend a person is. it's not enough to be there for the laughter. if you ever need to talk, sometimes a stranger's the best person for that. i'm here if you need me.

    1. Hi there Jenn... sorry I didn't reply to your comment sooner. I've been away from blogging for a bit. Thank you so much for your kind comments. That green hat is still available in the Etsy shop! I just blogged it today as a matter of fact. :)

      You don't need to be ashamed about not replying rite away. Life happens, and sometimes we don't get to them as soon as we'd like. No worries! Thank you for your care and concern. It's nice that someone else "gets it". Hope you are well. Have a great weekend!